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Industrial Risk Management

Identifying your main hazards and risks


Every company, whatever its size or activity, should be in a position to take steps towards identifying and handling its own industrial risks, or at least value the efficiency of its risk management and planning systems.  With any measures that you take in terms of Quality, Health, Safety and Respect  for the Environment (QHSE), we are here to help manage your project, and incorporate all the specific technical, economic and human issues involved.



Analysis and design services


IBusiness license applications,

IHazard assessment surveys, 

IPipeline security assessment, 

ISupplementary PPRT surveys on SEVESO 2 sites, 

IQuantitative Risk Analysis (QRA), 

ITechnological Risk Analysis : HAZOP, AMDEC, AMDE,

IReliability, Availability and/or Maintainability (FMD, RAM,

IIndustrial accident modelling, and in-depth analysis of their
consequences: fires (pool, jet, cloud), explosions (UVCE, VCE,
reaction runaways, dust), toxic dispersions, domino effects (BLEVE,
boilover, missile fragments, etc.),

ITechnical and financial studies for risk reduction, best available