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Fire Prevention and Protection

Fire Protection

Developing secure fire systems


To avoid serious fire accidents, your fire detection and emergency systems must be given regular checks to ensure that they operate effectively at all times. Our team of engineers is here to guide you through each stage of implementing the best and most efficient means of fighting the risk of fire, from introducing fire prevention systems during the design phase of a building project, up until setting up fire extinction and escape drills. We aim to simulate and explore the maximum number of potential fire scenarios to find the most suitable prevention measures.




Analysis and design services


IBuilding up a Safety Concept,

IAssisting project management or contracting owner and following up
work during BASIC phase (preliminary design) and FEED
phase (detailed design),

IDesign and sizing for prevention and protection systems: sprinklers,
deluge, water spray curtains, foam systems, water supply, fire
detection and alarm systems,

IComputer modelling and analysis of available water supplies, water
distribution systems and surge pressures in piping systems,

ICommunication with the insurance having jurisdiction to explain, clarify
and interpret the design intent of the project and review the applicable
code requirements.



Audit and Consulting Services


IStatutory and contractual compliance with standards APSAD, FM, NFPA,

IVulnerability studies, inventory and needs assessment,

IRecommendations and cost estimates by our registered CNPP experts,

ISSI Coordination,

IDeveloping client norms