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A comprehensive risk overview

Faced increasingly with problems on every level, industry today is looking to find solutions by setting up partnerships with outside experts, so as to be able to return to the issue of focusing on core business concerns. Our teams are able to take care of all your problems in the field of Quality, Health, Safety and Respect  for the Environment (QHSE). We are with you along every step of the process, developing a long-term strategy to find effective solutions to improve your risk management throughout the life cycle of both your establishment and facilities.





Fire Prevention and Protection

To avoid serious fire accidents, your fire detection and emergency systems must be given regular checks to ensure that they operate effectively at all times. Our team of engineers is here to guide you through each stage of implementing the best and most efficient means of fighting the risk of fire ...

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Industrial Risk Management

Every company, whatever its size or activity, should be in a position to take steps towards identifying and handling its own industrial risk. With all the measures that you take in the interest of Quality, Health, Safety and Respect  for the Environment (QHSE), we are here to help manage your project, and incorporate all the specific technical, economic and human issues in question.

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Personal Safety

Ensuring your premises complies with regulations, providing a safe, ergonomic work environment, that maximises productivity whilst reducing worker fatigue, assessing chemical risk or the risk of explosion, implementing a policy for the prevention of accidents in the workplace….. ODZ Consultants can help you maintain a competitive edge in production levels while guaranteeing the health and safety of your personnel.


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Care for the Environment

As companies become progressively aware of industrial risk and their own impact on the environment, regulation norms are also rapidly changing. The teams at ODZ Consultants can help you transform your environmental concerns into a source of company growth…


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