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Customized Services

Working together to build tailor-made solutions


ODZ Consultants can offer a selection of customized packages, specifically adapted to your industrial site.  Feel free to contact us with your needs.



Some examples of the customized solutions we offer


IAdapting protection systems to comply with process requirements
(clean room sprinklers, cold storage room detectors, gas detectors
on the engine platform, conveyor belt protection, silo interior
protection, A380 hangar deluge system),

IOptimizing Passive Fire Protection Systems on an FPSO
(Floating Production, Storage and Offloading), 

I3D modelling of pool fires and jet fires, and design of thermal
radiation screens,

IModelling of the surge effect of liquids in case of rupture of storage

IReliability studies for active protections in industrial processes,

IOptimizing the location of gas detection sensors,

IImpact assessment of a water curtain on the dispersion of a
hydrogen sulphide toxic,

ISafety surveys for building  LPG (liquified petroleum gas) filling

ISafety surveys for transferring loads onto jetties, 

IDeveloping specified risk analysis methods, 

IGuidelines and large scale exercises for emergency plans for
oil companies,

ITechnical-economic study into highly infectious healthcare
waste, (Consulting)


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