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Digital simulation tools


Safety is one of the major concerns in industry, and is as much a question of preserving the image of a company, as it is ensuring continued business. It is therefore vital for a company to be able to anticipate and pre-empt any potential fire risk. To reduce the number of experiments required yet guarantee reliable results, ODZ Consultants optimizes your survey and manufacturing costs by choosing the most adapted tools for calculation and modelling.


ODZ Consultants built a specific department of engineers dedicated to scenario modelling.


Our tools include :

IADMS by Numtech (atmospheric dispersion to model air
quality and health risk),

IBreeze by Trinity Consultants (atmospheric dispersion to
model air quality and health risk),

IPHAST by DNV Software (hazard modelling and analysis),

IFluiDyn NS by Transoft International (3D computed
fluid dynamics),

IPipenet by Sunrise Systems (flow modelling and analysis
for pipe and duct networks)




Services on offer


I3D modelling of poolfire and jet fire,

ISizing of water spray curtains,

IModelling of the surge effect of liquids in case of
rupture of storage tanks,