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Services to enterprises classified for the protection of environment

Studies and regulatory records


Sitting studies related to off-site effect prevention and control become more and more technical. ODZ Consultants helps you to meet regulatory requirements by analyzing the risk level of your equipments, facilities and technical processes. The satisfaction of our customers is based on our availability, our responsiveness and our close monitoring of our studies throughout the Administrative process. The clarity of the documents we provide and their easy reading are also part of the assets recognized by our customers.


Our teams follow you to:

IAnalyze the risk, reliability and impact of your facilities,
equipments and processes,

IIdentify your items of non-compliance, of vulnerability and
highlight the needed actions,

IStudy the integration of your installations within their


Services on offer


ILocating potential development sites open to new industry,

IAssistance in processing applications for high-risk industry
licenses (DDAE),

IHazard studies on off-site impacts on health, activities and
environment for activities covered by the SEVESO 2

IHealth risk assessment,

IEnvironmental emergency plan,

IOperational reporting

Services aux ICPE