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A vast skills base


From the design phase up until when your systems are up and running, ODZ Consultants is able to combine its high levels of expertise in numerous professional disciplines, and in close partnership with you the client, create a tailor-made solution to suit your specific safety concerns. Depending on your needs and the development of your site, you can count on us to address a specialized issue, as much as wider questions.


Our projects are based around four interlinked fields :

ISafety engineering,

IServices to installations classified for the protection of environment, 

IQuantitative Risk Analysis, 

IAuditing, consulting and training.


With these four complementary professional spheres, we are able to cover all fronts to provide a comprehensive solution to risk management. This framework also means that we can provide specialists, or supplement your project teams, depending on your needs.



Constant industry watch and continuing training for our teams


What are the latest industry regulations? What technology is needed to solve the current environmental problems?

To provide the appropriate answer to these questions, the ODZ Consultants teams are on constant technology and regulation watch, keeping abreast with new developments, so as to be able to apply up-do-date solutions to a wide range of technical and regulatory issues.

In addition, we put strong emphasis on providing continuing training to our team experts, so as to maintain their high level of skills for the benefit of our clients.  Click here to find out more about our human resources policy.