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Quality guaranteed


ODZ Consultants is a recognized stamp of quality as well as compliance with standard norms, and has been awarded a host of official recommendations, accreditations, certifications and qualifications. In addition, the company also constantly strives on a daily basis to improve its work in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).  



Recommendations and certifications


Our company is MASE (the Audit and Certification Reference Association) authorized and certified to carry out certification audits, compliant with the required standards.


Download the OSH guidelines.


In addition, we have official accreditation from the CRAM Rhône-Alpes (Rhone Alps Health Insurance Fund) to operate in the sphere of the Prevention of Occupational Hazards. 


Moreover, all of our team members are trained and certified in Chemical Risk Management (levels RC1 and RC2 accreditations).  


 Further official recognition awards demonstrate our range of skills:  

IIRCA Auditor OHSAS 18001 Certification

ICNPP Fire protection approved 

IISO 14001 qualified auditor



ODZ Consultants is also part of various professional organizations:  

IMember of the ARAVIS  network; (French regional association
 for the improvement of working conditions)

ISignatory of a charter for consulting agencies operating
 in the sphere of the prevention of occupational hazards.



A strategy of continuous improvement


Monitoring results, striving to maintain constantly high safety standards, complying with regulations, making a more positive impact on the environment ... ODZ Consultants actively seeks to perfect its working processes and be open to the needs and opinions of both clients and partners, so as to better tailor and adjust its work in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).  


Our OSH policy.