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Nos valeurs

The human dimension at the heart of every project


Multiculturalism, expertise, commitment : the men and women who make up our group all share these essential values, which is why ODZ Consultants has managed to win over the trust and loyalty of all its clients. By adhering to a common set of strong values our teams are able to help you manage industrial risk as well as your impact on the environment.



Good listeners


At ODZ Consultants we consider our ability to listen to be an essential part of bringing you customized solutions. We work closely with our clients and partners in the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) sector. Our approach is based on understanding your values, needs and concerns, and this client-oriented culture, combined with longstanding experience in the field, means that we can offer you practical, made-to-measure solutions, which can be ideally adapted to suit your particular working constraints.  





With our small, multi-skilled teams, you will have a group of experts at your disposal who can be rapidly deployed to deal with the most specialized of subjects. In addition, you will benefit from having a single point of contact, who will be your dedicated advisor throughout the project. In order to cater for your full needs, we rely on the strength of our operating teams, as well as our comprehensive range of diagnostic, simulation and measuring tools.  





In the vital interest of retaining a clear, detached overview, and giving impartial advice, we have made a conscious commitment to remaining an independant group. Over and above our role as consultants we are here to take you through every stage of your project, from start to finish. This includes providing clear, easy to read documents, and giving appropriate technical recommendations... We strive to attain coherence in all technical, organizational and regulation concerns.  




Our strategy is led by the MASE audit and certification reference, by monitoring our results to adapt our approach and work towards continuous improvement