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Growth strategy




Safety has become such a key issue in modern life, given its complexity and the continuous tightening of regulations, that companies now see it as a top management priority. The specialist teams at ODZ Consultants have been providing professional engineering advice since 1989, helping industry and engineering companies to prevent and reduce the risks of human and technical accident. 
Starting out originally as a team of experts in  safety engineering, ODZ Consultants has gradually expanded its skills base over the years to spread across the whole industry sector. And this strong ability to break down barriers between professions and to pool skills across the entire industry spectrum, developing a cross-link vision of safety matters, is what makes Group ODZ Consultants stand out from the rest.   
Founded in 1989, ODZ Consultants is one of the few independent research bodies offering comprehensive know-how in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Taking a needs-based approach to the client to keep ahead of the game, the company has developed a constant growth strategy since its very beginnings, and continues to expand its field of expertise to secure a wider range of services. At the same time, the company is committed to maintaining a human dimension, so as to ensure our clients the most efficient and flexible response to their needs.  

A global development strategy


We work on three levels:  

INational (mainland France and overseas territories) 

IEuropean (Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and United Kingdom)

IInternational (Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula,
 West Africa, Australia, South America, 
 Russia, Southeast Asia and India)


Through building up a body of experience working in different parts of the world, our ODZ Consultants experts are able to expand their skills base by adjusting their specialization to fit a diverse range of economic and social environments, thus bringing an evermore effective and durable solution to our clients’ needs.  


Our network


ODZ Consultants is based in Lyon, combining a powerful shared network of expertise and resources. Spreading ourselves in this way across France enables us to cater for the needs of these two major hubs of industry.  


Our human resources


The ODZ CONSULTANTS team is made up of specialists offering know-how in interrelated fields: 


ISpecialists in OSH regulations

ICertified auditors


ITraining technicians

IDesign project managers


To further meet your specific needs, ODZ Consultants is also connected to a wider network of specialists in related fields (model designers, designers, reliability engineers....) Our multi-skilled teams are therefore able to cover the complete needs of a single industrial site, from the engineering phase up until securing a business license. Take a look at our multiservices.