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Men and Women - the driving force behind ODZ Consultants’ growth and development


Both on an international and national scale, we work on a vast array of projects, all requiring highly specialized technology and cutting-edge tools. To guarantee optimum results, we need multi-skilled, highly motivated men, women and teams. Our staff are the most important factor in shaping our company’s future. This is why our human resources drive is to encourage young recruits to develop their talents and career within our company.


A body of exciting professions waiting to be explored 


As we offer each client a comprehensive package incorporating multi-technical services, and close hands-on support in a wide area of expertise, we can therefore offer you the opportunity to develop your own skills in countless professional fields. By way of example, below is a list of the main areas in which we recruit. These professions come into play across the full spectrum of our expertise (fire protection, personal safety, care for the environment, industrial risk management).

ODZ CONSULTANTS recruits experts with complementary skills and know-how :


  IOSH regulation experts




  IDesign project managers


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Students - ODZ Consultants can equally offer you the opportunity to break into the working world, and gain your first professional experience.


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Our HR policy


The teams at ODZ Consultant are linked closely by shared culture and values. Our HR policy is based on strong principles :


  IPreserving a human dimension within the company to
encourage teamwork, and skills pooling

  IInstilling a sense of initiative and responsibility in the
minds of  each of our team experts. 

  IPutting emphasis on exchange and shared experience,
whilst continuously developing close industrial relations,
and a strong ability to listen to the needs and opinions of
our staff.

  IEncouraging our team experts to widen their skills base,
so as to ensure them a long future in our company. 

  IGuaranteeing a safe and comfortable work environment. 


Continuous Training


In order to constantly improve our team members' professional skills, and keep up with the changing developments in their fields of expertise, ODZ Consultants ensures its staff are regularly trained in the latest cutting-edge techniques, as well as regulations, methods, and tools needed for finding successful solutions to your projects. With this aim in mind, we organize regular training courses in partnership with recognized organizations in France ((UIC, CNPP, INRS, INERIS) and abroad (notably in Great Britain and Norway).